Winter Weather Increase Chances of Serious Injuries from Auto Accidents

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NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2023 / As the season grows colder, winter weather becomes more imminent, which leads to an increased chance of being involved in an automobile wreck while driving. Any kind of unfavorable weather can impact driving, but snow, sleet, and ice can make driving even more dangerous due to the impact these elements have on road conditions, visibility, and speed limit control.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur yearly, and approximately 21% of these crashes, nearly 1,235,000, are weather-related. Most of these crashes happened during adverse weather conditions like sleet, blowing snow, and ice. Sadly, nearly 5,000 people are killed each year in weather-related accidents, with more than 418,000 injured.

The U.S. Department of Transportation also states that icy pavement accounts for 156,164 crashes annually leading to 41,860 persons injured and 521 persons killed each year. These numbers increase with snow/sleet conditions on the road to 219,942 crashes annually leading to 54,839 persons injured and 688 persons killed each year. Road conditions also decline when roads are wet or icy, especially if road treatments like salting have yet to occur. According to AAA, driving on snowy roads can take a vehicle 10 times longer to stop completely, increasing the chances of being hit by a car while driving due to the driver’s inability to control the vehicle.

Before traveling this winter, ensure tire pressure is adequate and get an inspection to check that the vehicle’s battery life, lights, and windshield wipers are performing normally. Stock the car with essentials like an ice scraper, flashlight, jumper cables, blankets, and a cell phone charger. In an emergency, remain with your vehicle, and put on flashers or blinkers to let other drivers know you’re there if visibility is low. Unfortunately, no matter how prepared you are, if a negligent driver isn’t paying attention during inclement winter weather, you or a loved one could end up seriously injured from a wreck.

Hughes & Coleman has attorneys with extensive experience in personal injury law who have dedicated themselves to assisting Kentucky and Tennessee residents who have experienced severe injuries from auto accidents, big truck wrecks, and motorcycle accidents during winter weather. The Hughes & Coleman team assists clients with insurance adjusters’ correspondence, helping to increase the value of their cases so that clients get the most money possible. For decades, the Hughes & Coleman legal team has provided high-quality legal advice and has successfully represented thousands of clients recovering more than $1 billion for our clients in Kentucky and Tennessee. Watch Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Nashville, TN, to learn more about how the Hughes and Coleman team can help or see

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers provides individualized and compassionate service to all clients. They recognize that clients are going through a difficult time seeking an attorney and that working with a trustworthy legal team is essential. The Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers team will ensure the client is taken care of, so recovery and compensation can be the sole focus. The legal team has the experience, skills, and resources necessary to handle complex truck accident cases and the results to prove it.

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The Hughes & Coleman team is ready to help if someone needs a personal injury lawyer due to a car accident on the roadways this winter. For more information regarding a free case consultation, contact Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers today at 800-800-4600 or book an appointment online at

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