Access to Justice Symposium at UC Law attracts media coverage

“Fighting for access to justice is what we attorneys are called to do and it is what we are taught to do in buildings like this as young law students,” Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Pavan Parikh told participants of the symposium held at UC Law. “It is what we are here today to recommit ourselves to do.”

“In public office, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution,” said Parikh. “When past government officials have created the conditions for injustice intentionally or with willful disregard for the consequences of their actions, it is the responsibility of those who come after to deliberately disassemble those practices, policies, and procedures of injustice.”

Michael Whiteman, interim UC Law dean, told participants the Help Center is celebrating its 5th year anniversary. It’s a partnership that allows UC Law to offer its expertise to the community while also helping to train budding lawyers.

“The self-help center represents our ability to give law students an invaluable experience in understanding what it is like to be an individual without legal training encountering our legal system,” Whiteman explained. 

The fear, frustration and desperation that many people face when they encounter our legal system isn’t lost on students training to become lawyers.

“Our students learn how important access to justice is, especially for those who can not afford their own attorney or simply do not know what their rights are,” said Whiteman. “Allowing our students to experience this while helping others is so meaningful and will help make these future lawyers champions of providing everyone in our community with quality access to justice.”

Learn more about the Help Center for Hamilton County Municipal Court online.